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Information data of the way to become a real estate owner, such as the process of purchasing an estate, the process of selling an estate, how to acquire a loan to purchase an estate and the ownership of real estate for foreigner.

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เพียงกรอกข้อมูล 3 ขั้นตอน 1) ข้อมูลการติดต่อ 2) รายละเอียดทรัพย์สินและอัพโหลดรูปทรัพย์สิน จำนวน 10รูป 3) กดปุ่มลงประกาศ เมื่อกดลงประกาศ (submit) แล้ว ทางทีมงานจะตรวจสอบความถูกต้องของข้อมูล และจะดำเนินการลงประกาศทรัพย์ของท่านภายใน 1 วันทำการ

STEP 1: PURCHASING ABILITY. Banks have conditions for consideration when evaluating mortgage applications as follows. Loans are typically approved for people with steady employment and a regular income and who do not have unaddressed liabilities. Credit limits will not exceed 90% of the appraised value of the secured property. The monthly mortgage payments should not exceed 30% of salary […]
STEP 2: LOCATING YOUR DREAM HOUSE A buyer must choose a house intelligently based on some of the following criteria. Area : your work place and your children’s school. It should be an area that can add value to the property in the future. House size : The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, service room and parking facilities, square footage, surroundings and […]
STEP 3: THREE CONTRACTS TO BE FAMILIAR WITH Contract of reservation : Generally, this contract is used early in a housing development because it does not commit sellers in the case that a project cannot be completed. In such case, the developer simply returns the buyer’s deposit without interest. Sale and purchase agreement : This contract defines the terms of transfer of ownership […]
STEP 4: FEES FOR TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP Transfer fee : This equals 2% of the appraised price of the land and building. The buyer and seller each pay 50% of this fee. Mortgage fee : 1% of the mortgage value. Revenue stamp fee : 1 Baht for every 200 baht or fraction thereof of the property sale price or appraised price, whichever […]
Benefits of Title Deed Certificate of land ownership that is most significant in the present is title deed. It make owner can take benefits from the land fully whether for live, agriculture, for work or sell. Beside all mentioned things, title deed also have the importance in other side that you may unexpected. Certify the legally right ownership Title […]
ุ6. The examination of Title Deed Sorry, this entry is only available in Thai (ไทย).
Seller's Guide : 5 COMMON ERRORS
1. SETTING AN INCORRECT PRICE FOR A PROPERTY Obviously, housing prices have a great influence on buyers’ decision making process. They are often determined by considerations of the setting, area and house condition, not at the whim of the seller. 3 factors underlying buyers’ decision to buy : Area, House condition and Price. House salability depends on many different factors. For instance, a […]
2. HOUSE CONDITION: MUST BE READY FOR SALE Terra Bkk has advice to prepare a house for market. If a house has problems with interior systems, is dirty or has small defects, it may need to be repaired prior to being put on the market. The following advice may be useful. 1. Make sure the house is clean. Sweep cobwebs on the walls […]
3. ESTIMATE COSTS OF REPAIR PRIOR TO SETTING SALE PRICE Terra BKK recommends ways to estimate resale house repairs as follows. Non-detailed estimate : Use the square meter multiple for repair costs. Repair costs will depend on materials, labor, method of repair, and duration of repairs. In other words, it is necessary to know the materials budget before estimating costs of repairs. For example, a […]
4. TAX AND OTHER FEES NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE Real estate sellers must pay a number of additional expenses. They should be kept in mind in setting the sale price of a house. Some of these expenses are as follows : 1. Specific business tax : In case of a house owned not over 5 years, the seller must pay 3.3 percent of the […]
5. INCOMPLETE DOCUMENTATION All important documents must be prepared as follows : ID card and census of title deed owner. Real title deed and cadastral map of property. Building photo or draft plan and estimate of the building price for the Land Registry office.r
1. GET APPROVAL FOR A MORTGAGE The causes of failure to secure a mortgage come from 2 major sources: property value being less than the mortgage requested and lack of eligibility of the borrower. Generally, people with stable careers or good history of savings and who can demonstrate an ability to pay the installments for the mortgage, who are not carrying […]
2. MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES In the long-term, MRR will allow some flexibility to repay the principle. The borrower can pay the interest according to their ability but this mortgage may not clearly fix the term according to which the principle must be paid. For a bank, an MLR will has lower risk because it fixes clearly when the mortgage […]
3. CO-BORROWING Co-borrowing simply combines the incomes of both applicants for consideration of ability to pay installments in the required amount such that both become debtors. Each co- borrower is responsible to make mortgage payments and pay off the total loan within the specified period. Co-borrowing usually involves a main borrower and co-borrower depending on the requirement […]
4. REFINANCING Refinancing is the term for changing from financial institution to another because it has better mortgage rates or simply to re-organize one’s debt. It should be done when there are still many years remaining in the debt term. Debtors usually decide to refinance for one of 2 major reasons: to obtain more favorable rates and […]
5. CONVERTING PROPERTY VALUE TO CAPITAL : REMORTGAGING Remortgaging is using the value of the house already mortgaged to secure cash. The criteria and document preparation for remortgaging is the same as a request for a new loan. The purpose of remortgaging is to secure money using real estate owned as collateral. Criteria to apply for this type of mortgage are almost the […]
6. IF NOT BEING SUED, NEGOTIATE TERMS If one defaults in mortgage payments and receives notice from the bank, there are 7 ways to negotiate to retain ownership of the house. 1. Ask for debt deferral to delay payments up to 36 months in one of 3 ways. Pay installments monthly until the debt is paid off. Pay the whole remaining debt […]
1. REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP BY FOREIGNERS Foreigners don’t have the right to possess real estate in Thailand. Foreigners can buy condominiums but not over 49% of total area of a building. If foreigners marry Thai citizens, they can buy land but must use the Thai spouse’s name only in documentation.. 3 Types of Real estate that foreigners can purchase Condominium Units […]